Teacher Spotlight

Meet Ms. Kate!

Ms Kate has been teaching for 5 years, this is her second year with DWFS. She loves Star Trek and she also loves to bake. While she doesn’t think she is a great baker, she just loves the trial and error of it all. Her favorite place has to be in front of the fire watching Star Trek, playing board games, or in the kitchen with her family. If she could travel, if only, her family would head to the nearest coastline. She enjoys urban biking and started biking when she was a teenager. Now her own children are old enough to bike on their own and her family really enjoys seeing Albuquerque on 2 wheels! Her family also enjoys camping, video games and movies, reading, playing tennis and making messes in the kitchen. 0 people in her house like to fold laundry. If Ms Kate could have super powers, one of them would be to fix all things broken: pencils, hearts, sinks, bridges.

Meet Mrs. April!

Mrs. April, who teaches 80% 2nd - 4th grades, has been teaching for 13 years, including the past five years at DWFS. Mrs. April has two children at DWFS, one in 3rd grade and one in 1st grade. She enjoys spending time with her family, whether that time is spent watching movies, playing games, working in the yard, or working on projects around the house. Together they have tackled several large house improvement projects, including replacing gates, fences, floors, and even their entire kitchen! When she's not teaching, preparing to teach, or working on her house, Mrs. April enjoys sewing, crocheting, weaving, paper crafting, and creating fun projects using her Cricut. Mrs. April loves animals and has had a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, fish, birds, and even 2 turtles. Mrs. April received her bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and has been very involved in arts in her life, including acting in theater productions and working at Popejoy before becoming a teacher. Mrs. April loves teaching at Desert Willow Family School and says "I love that at Family School we foster a community in which everyone, even teachers and parents, are supported in our learning! It becomes common in a classroom to hear a student say they are over the edge on something, and have their classmates ask them to identify where they went over the edge so they can help one another work through a problem."