APS Annual Budget Documents - Click on 2023-2024 Final Approved Budget link and the DWFS Budget is on page 279 of the entire file or page 272 based on the page numbers on the bottom right side of the page.

Abbreviated FTO Budget - Abbreviated version of the DWFS FTO's 2023-2024 budget.

Fundraisers you can expect this year include:

Zombie Fun Run in October

Art Night in December

Love Your School campaign in February

Silent Auction in April 

All other events and sales (i.e. yearbook and merchandise) are Community-Building events and our goal is to our cover costs on these events, not make money.


When you shop at Amazon through the Amazon Associates affiliate link on the left, up to 10% of the purchase is donated to the FTO. The prices are the same for you. This is much more powerful than Amazon Smiles, which returns only 0.5% of the purchase to the FTO. You must start every Amazon purchase at our website to have the higher percentage returned to the FTO!

Smith's Inspiring Donations:

Smith’s Food and Drug donates millions of dollars annually through Smith’s Inspiring Donations.  Simply follow the directions here to select the Desert Willow FTO as your designated charity. Smith’s will donate a portion of your shopping bill back to the school.

United Way

When you donate to United Way through employer donation drives (such as Sandia National Labs or University of New Mexico), you can designate a nonprofit organization to receive your donation. Designate the Desert Willow FTO to have your donation sent directly to the FTO.